Often many dollars are spent on the "perfect" bike, but no thought is given to the perfect position. For the ambitious athlete it is important to ride with the right bike setup. The correct saddle height, the correct placement of the cleats, the correct height of the handlebars, etc... With our analysis, we go that extra mile to find the perfect balance. This between comfort, stability, posture, power output in short efficiency to optimize the performance.

Bike positioning

250 € excl VAT / person

Bicycle positioning in 3 steps

Step 1

As the first step of positioning, we always start from your anatomical functionality (screening), training background and injury susceptibility as a basis.

Step 2

Next step is the static measurement to determine the frame size, position footplates and dynamic observation to gain more insight into how your pedal stroke progresses at different powers.

Step 3

Last step is the 3Dmotion analysis where we optimize the stability, symmetry and muscle use during the pedal stroke in function of your ambitions. 


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