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  • 1 uu 30 min.
  • 200 euro
  • Tervantstraat

Beschrijving van de dienst

Cycling Perfected: Book Your Professional Bike Fitting Today Secure your professional bike fitting today and optimise your cycling performance to new heights! Our expert will conduct a comprehensive body screening, precise feet measurements, and a dynamic on-bike test. This thorough approach will aid you in discovering the perfect balance, tailored to your unique cycling needs. Don't wait, book now to experience the difference! The service includes: 1. Intake interview 2. Body and flexibility analysis 3. Foot measurement 4. Exact adjustment of cleats 5. Handlebar / crank length / saddle advice (component advice) 6. Measurement of current position 7. Positioning ID Match (Bike test) 8. Correct size analysis 9. Bikefit report


  • Tervantstraat 2b, 3583 Beringen, België

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