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Our climate room can reach humidity levels of 75-80% and temperatures ranging from 16-32°C making it ideal for athletes who want to prepare for competitions in hot and/or humid conditions such as Barcelona, Tokyo and Dubai. It is also ideal for testing new products such as bicycle helmets (ventilation tests) or electronic devices (humidity tests).


In addition to acclimatization and product testing, we can also test athletes where we monitor the body temperature from the inside and the skin temperature to determine a cooling strategy.

Rent Climate room

70 € excl VAT / hour

Climate room test with CBT pill and report

250 € excl VAT / person

Why a climate room test?

Scientific studies increasingly point to the importance of thermoregulating clothing when exercising in extreme temperatures. The effect on body heat before, during and after the performance is decisive for winning or losing.


An athlete who can control their heat gain and dissipation in conjunction with their perspiration is able to improve their performance. Our cooling strategies help athletes active in all sports domains to better manage evaporation and core body temperature (CBT).


Tests are conducted in our climate chamber (temperatures up to 30-32°). These are unique in this field because we adapt cooling to the individual and personalize the environmental conditions (as opposed to adaptation training). This specific to the athlete's body and the expected temperature of the competition. When you leave our climate chamber, you will know exactly how to approach your preparation for your upcoming training or competition in terms of body temperature regulation.

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