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Exercise Test

The cycling exercise test is a comprehensive exercise test designed to evaluate and optimize the physical capabilities of cyclists. Conducted in a controlled environment, the expert instructors guide you through incremental intensity levels, determining your maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and identifying lactate thresholds. These metrics are essential in designing training schedules and provide a comprehensive understanding of your aerobic capacity and endurance.

The test takes approximately 1 hour, providing a deep dive into your physiological responses to cycling. Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a recreational rider, this test serves as a roadmap for enhancing your endurance, setting optimal training zones, and achieving peak performance on the road.

What to expect:

You’ll start with a short conversation with the doctor about your current training status, past and or/current injuries and future goals.

The test will take place on your own bike (if necessary we can provide one). After the test the expert discusses the results and provide you with detailed information on how you can incorporate these in your training schedule for optimal performance.



A sports medical examination is required in order to execute the test. If you are not already in the possession of this certificate (i.e. from your own physician, etc.) we offer an examination by our doctor prior to the test for 50€ instead of the usual 80€

Note: The test will NOT be executed if you are feeling sick or are experiencing problems with your airways and/or heart.


Exercise test:

210 € incl VAT / person


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